Ethical Concerns of the Political Use of Social Media

Ethical Concerns of the Political Use of Social Media

Increased political use of social media has raised a lot of ethical concerns around the world

Social Media Use

Ethical concerns of the political use of social media affect many nations around the world. Social media represents a significant development in associated with interactive technologies that allow the creation and exchange of thoughts and information through the internet. It is an essential form of computer-mediated technology that allows people to communicate virtually and without the limitations of space and time.

Pervasiveness of Social Media Use

People and organizations have capitalized on the pervasiveness of social media to access people around the world. One of the ways that social media can be used is for political reasons. Social media has become a platform for politicians to communicate with the masses. There are multiple ethical concerns of the political use of social media. Some of the most important ones include whether it should be used for political reasons in the first place and how politicians should use it. Social media is a platform is for all people, including politicians but should be used in a way that promotes high ethical and moral standards of society.

Social media use is Beneficial as a low cost option for marketing and advertising

Social media represents technology, and like any other form of technology, it aims to improve the human condition. It has led to enhanced communication and the development of connections between people around the world. Social media has also developed into a platform for connectivity between organizations and the masses. Marketing and advertising have become more favorable, especially for those who cannot afford the high costs.

Social media use is a low cost option for political newcomers

The low cost of marketing and advertisement provided by social media also helps political newcomers with a less costly way of gathering support and connecting with supporters (Wharton Business Daily, 2020). This means that politically, social media can drive strong agendas that can influence the masses. There is limited oversight or censorship in such platforms, and politicians can communicate raw, unrestricted, and explicit information to people worldwide. Social media lacks the filter and that is characteristic of traditional media.

Social Media Use is has political power

Social media is open for all people to use but how it is used is critical because of the power and influence it can have on society. It can give anyone a platform to communicate with the world, and it can place a significant amount of power on any person (Rees, 2017). However, it is important to consider how the platform is used because of the impact and influence social media has. The political use of social media influence political action. Politicians can convince people to support a political agenda, and this can happen on a global scale (Rees, 2017),

Ethical Concerns of Social media use by politicians

Social media has also developed into a platform for accessing people’s online activity, which permits the examination of their habits. Confessore (2018) explores how politicians use this information to launch data-driven campaigns. These campaigns include the use of people’s personal information obtained without their consent and have raised a lot of ethical concerns (Confessore, 2018). There is a need for ethical standards to guide the political use of social media to protect the masses against political ill-will.  Social media is a new technology that requires structures that can limit its use, especially when it comes to activities that can adversely affect people.

Importance of limits to political use of social media

The political use of social media should thus have limits. Such reservation should be based on considerations of the multiple ethical concerns that exists. Social media gives people with political agendas power and influence. It is pervasive globally, which means that it can be used to influence political action in ways that can harm people. The development of moral and ethical standards associated with the political use of social media should be a high priority because the goal is for people to be secured from maliciousness.

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