Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General ordering information.

How do I fill out the order form?

There are two types of order forms: short and long. The first is on the home page of our website. After completing a brief order form in the upper right corner of our website, click the “Continue” button to go to a lengthier form. Our system will be established quickly, and an e-mail with a password will be given to you. Please bear in mind that once you’ve completed your orders and created your own account, you can change your password to any other sign and digit combination. Following that, you will be sent to a more detailed order form, where you may select a deadline, send any additional information to the writer, and define other critical paper details.

How can I email the author my case studies/articles/materials?

When filling up your purchase form, you may provide any additional materials for the writer, such as a draft, a drawing, or some reading material.

What is the format of your personalized essay?

When making an order, you may select from a variety of different format styles (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, or non-applicable) and have a paper written in line with the criteria of that style. If you don’t want any structured headers, header pages, or references (for example, if you’re ordering a resume), choose ‘Not applicable,’ and the work will be sent as a single MS Word document.

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the website’s login page and click the Forgot Password option under the Login button.

Is it free to make an order ?

Yes, you may fill up an order form and email it to all writers for approval. You may also ask authors to give you with a quick introduction (about 100 words) so that you can evaluate their writing talents and choose the finest writer. You will only deposit your balance if you are ready to assign a writer, and this money will be held in reserve for future orders.

Are you socially responsible?

Yes, the company is socially responsible and follows accepted social norms and values. As a result, we do not submit articles on numerous controversial topics, As a result, we do not submit articles on numerous controversial topics, including:

  • Gay marriage.
  • Abortion

If you place an order on one of these controversial topics, it will be instantly canceled.

Can I employ your authors to create online examinations, such as multiple choice, check boxes, T/F, and so on?

We believe that students should be accountable for their own testing, whether online or on paper. It’s difficult to predict how a writer like us will perform on a multiple-choice exam or any other type of online assessment. If you ask us to finish an examination, it will be immediately terminated. Do not provide us with any personal information, especially orders for complete testing. It may risk your personal safety as well as your job at school.

Order completion Questions.

When will my paper be completed?

When you fill out the order form, you select a time restriction for finishing the paper. Unless you address this with the chat writer later, you will complete your paper before the initial deadline. However, we strongly advise you to notify your writer as soon as possible if your deadline has changed, since he or she may be working on a tight schedule with a heavy assignment.

I’m not sure how I’m going to acquire my paper.

After the author has been paid for the entire work, you will be able to obtain your final paper in one of two formats: as an MS Word document or as a.pdf file. The necessary buttons are immediately presented on your own purchasing page, so you will need to click one of them to save the file to your PC.

How can I modify my original order specifications?

After you’ve published your order and the authors have began applying for it, you may still change the amount of pages, title, or directions for your paper. Go to your purchase page and select the “Edit order information” option to do so. Please bear in mind that if the time limit, page number, or order title are modified, all author offers will be become outdated. You cannot modify your initial order instructions once the writer has been assigned to work on your order. Your writer will carry out the order in line with the original instructions.

What if my essay does not satisfy me?

If you disagree with what the author said, we urge you to submit your feedback to him right away so that he does not have to start over. You may immediately inform the writer if he or she is doing anything incorrectly or guide him or her through a chat conversation on a new route. However, after the order is completed and the author has paid the full amount of the offer, you will no longer be able to have the paper updated because the order is automatically marked as “Completed.” In such a case, you might direct that the document be edited or rewritten.

What is the rewriting and editing service?

When your draft or full paper is completed, rewriting and editing services are required, and our authors want to enhance their material. Because you do not pay for writing from the start, both of these firms need you to provide the original content. Editing include changing the text of your draft, formatting it in a certain manner, and double-checking the material. Modifications might involve up to a 25%-30% change in content. Editing, revising, and editing are all part of the rewriting process. It includes a more in-depth alteration of the material than editing, allowing you to change up to 70% of your original work.

What exactly does listing in order as a feature imply?

The listing of orders as featured is an additional service that allows you to distinguish between your orders and attract more authors, enabling you to select the best writers for your order and a larger variety of professional users. When your order is classified as a feature, it will be shown clearly above all accessible orders that the writers examine, allowing you to receive more estimates and complete your purchase more quickly.

The Author’s Information Questions.

What is your location, and where did my author come from?

We have authors from both English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries all around the world. If you want to know your writer’s exact location, you may ask him or her straight in the chat.

Can I be certain that all website authors have passed evaluation?

All of the authors who work for us have high work standards, are well educated, and have several years of relevant professional experience in their field of study. Each author goes through several stages of evaluation and is constantly monitored by our Department of Writers.

What is a writer’s rating? How is it calculated?

The author rating system is designed to provide clear competition among our authors, to enable customers to make the best selection for the writers, and to constantly inspire our authors to give their best results with each purchase. Each author’s rating is established automatically based on the votes of each customer who has previously worked with the author and has evaluated the author’s degree of cooperation in order fulfillment.

What precisely do the author awards mean?

The rewards system, like the author ratings, motivates our authors to succeed in their daily work and also assists new clients in selecting the best author from their selection of offers.

What does a writer’s caution/warning imply?

Our quality assurance team closely monitors each writer’s performance to ensure that we only recruit the most qualified authors who have good work ethics and do their utmost to meet each request. If we discover any instances of plagiarism, author latency, inadequate communication with the client in a chat, or if the client recognizes an issue with a specific author, we investigate the matter and, depending on the findings, can issue a warning to the writers.

Payment, plagiarism, and confidentiality issues.

Is there a money-back guarantee and how do I pay my writer?

To pay for the writer, you must click the “Release” button. Please keep in mind that any money donated to the writer using the “Release” button cannot be retrieved or reimbursed.

Can I get a discount?

We try to balance low consumer pricing with reasonable writer pay. We intend to interfere with the bidding process as little as possible and to let it operate on a free market basis. Rather than lowering rates, we would want to keep prices low for everyone.

How can I determine whether my paper is unique?

If you are certain that your work is free of plagiarism, you may use our additional “Plagiarism Verify” service to verify the order for plagiarism.

Is this service reliable and confidential?

We guarantee complete anonymity to our clients as long as they do not provide any personal information to the author. We have no control over live chat chats, however we can guarantee that no personal information provided to us while placing an order will ever be shared to the author or any third party.

Can I deactivate my account?

You may always delete your account. If you choose to delete your account, you will no longer be able to log in until you create a new account.


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